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Not just anyone.

This is for you high performers who are feeling the pressure. You’re ready to throw in the towel at some level of your life right now.
You’ve probably got more in ya but can’t quite tap into it.
And you know deep down that you don’t have to feel so frustrated every single day.

You want to experience all life has to offer.
Maybe you feel stuck with the pressure to get shit done amidst the exhaustion of the hamster wheel you’ve been on for too many years.
Will you hack it if you jump off the wheel? Do you even remember when you got on it??

If you listen to Joe Rogan, know who that Wim Hof guy is or follow Dr Andrew Huberman’s research impacting all the latest in bio-hackery, this program will speak your language. 


What is it?
Upgrade Your iOS is a six week mental training camp designed to take your Internal Operating System to the next level.
First released in 2019 as an internal performance enhancing program for Fortune 500 companies, this is the first time UYIOS is being released virtually to the public.
Better Everyday Project Founder and guru, Damian Glynn, will personally facilitate each session weekly as well as deliver private follow-ups after each session.
Throughout the six weeks, he will lay out the foundations you need to thrive amidst chaos. You will learn to stay calm when everyone else is losing their heads and to remain focused on your goals every single day. You’ll finish the program confident on who you are and what you stand for as a man. 

How can I apply?
Like we said, this isn’t just for anyone.
Book a 15 minute call with Damo to see if you qualify.


Upgrade Your Internal Operating System - VIRTUAL LAUNCH

$3,500.00 Regular Price
$1,925.00Sale Price
  • Your Zoom link, with secret password, will be delivered after your payment is processed.

    We'll also email it to ya along with a special file to download! 

    The file you'll receive is a handy tracker that can be printed and used alongside the six modules you'll be taken through.

    If you can print the tracker, do it.

    What you're not assessing, you're guessing. 

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